The beast unleashed- Land Rover Defender 2020 is ready to conquer the rocky roads and mountains!

The 2020 Land Rover has become a reality, right in front of your eyes. After the discontinuation in 2016, this year the company resurrects the legacy and it is already making their way up to the news headlines. With 2020 Land Rover Defender hitting the market, it’s time to climb every mountain. 

Land Rover’s Defender is the undisputed king of 4x4s. Since the introduction 70 years ago, Land Rover Defender has been the chosen vehicle for the wilds of Africa, traversing the poles and penetration the Amazon interior. Although since the updates and revisions were too less to be allowed to continue, the discontinuation gave the chance for the company to build something worthy of the nameplate. 

The off-road crossover has arrived with a new look, engine lineup, safety and infotainment systems, and many more.

Land rover defender 2020

The interior design is breathtaking. 2020 Land Rover Defender is a combination of the old vehicle and DC100 concept. The looks of the 4×4 is giving us such impression. The company has fixed a huge infotainment screen to command with InControl system. User-friendly interface, faster reaction to touch, and modern glass with voice commands are the features. Also, the hybrid system is designed with special monitors and alerts.

All concerned, the company has given a massive attention into safety details of this new model. The key issue and the reason why the Defender were discontinued is deficiency of safety. With an industry that moves forward so quickly, the old look of the 4×4 couldn’t follow the latest demands and laws. The only solution was to redesign, that’s when 2020 Land Rover Defender comes with better safety.

The JLR includes a driver aid and alert system, while navigation remains an option for base trims, and standard for higher levels. Adding more value, the 2020 Land Rover Defender Hybrid could get an autonomous drive. 


This new model comes as four packs as they announced. The urban pack, with all the power to conquer the concrete jungle with head- turning style, confidence and composure. The explorer pack, one that lets you conquer the most uncharted landscapes. The adventure pack is for the nature’s playgrounds, letting you observe the thrill of the nature trails. Country pack designed for the muddy country roads. 

Urban pack highlights with bright metal pedals, bright rear scuff plate, spare wheel cover and front under-shield. Explorer pack designed to have expedition roof pack, exterior side- mounted gear carrier, matte black bonnet decal, wheel arch protection, front and rear mudflaps also with raised air intake. Adventure pack, the most astonishing member of the family contains fascinating accessories such that integrated air compressor, exterior side- mounted gear carrier, portable rinse system, seat backpack, bright rear scuff plate and front & rear mudflaps. Country pack, giving a more classical value, powered with full height load-space partition, portable rinse system, bright rear scuff plate, wheel arch protection and classic front and rear mudflaps. 

This new Land Rover Defender model engineered to meet the global automobile regulations, including the largest markets such as China and USA. The 2020 model released with a choice of four- cylinder diesel and six- cylinder petrol engines. With all these accessories, Land Rover Defender 2020 will surely becoming a groundbreaking vehicle model which has power, comfort and safety, to hit any kind of road. The premiere happened to be yesterday and will be released to your nearest showrooms soon enough.  Company reports say that they are planning to keep updating the defender family with a larger model which most likely to be launched in 2022. 

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