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It was with all the fascination of 20 million Sri Lankans; the Colombo Lotus Tower was opened by president Maithripala Sirisena on 16th September 2019. Dominating the Colombo skyline, the Lotus Tower was subjected to many controversies. Most people seem to unsure about the true purpose of the tower. Lotus Tower is another symbolic landmark in Sri Lanka now. Here, we’re trying to brief you about everything you want to know. 

The idea

The Lotus Tower is an investment of US$ 104.3 million, funded by Chinese EXIM bank. The core purpose of this tower is to enhance the digital infrastructure of Sri Lanka. The Lotus tower is currently the tallest self- supported structure in entire SAARC region. Also, the 11th in Asian region and the 19th of the world. This tower is 356m of height to be exact. This tower first purposed to build in Peliyagoda which later shifted to the current location. The current location is the waterfront of the Beira Lake. 

How it was built? 

With the witness of the President of Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL), the Secretary of the Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry, the Presidents of China National Electronics Importers and Exporters Corporation (CEIEC) and Aerospace Long March International Trade Co. Ltd (ALIT) marked the agreement with the Director-General of TRCSL on 3 January 2012.  

The constructions began in 2012 and reached 125m mark in 2014. The tower has reached 255m mark in July 2015. It took three more years to finish the construction.

 The core purposes

The Lotus Tower mainly acts as a transmission tower for TV and radio. The motivation behind the Lotus Tower is to act as a single transmission hub in aligning the quality of transmission and to confirm that all clients have equal access to quality broadcast. This reduces the operation cost of service providers. Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) will act as the self-governing operator, taking over the responsibility to transmit. The first and second floors of the Tower House, are for TV and radio transmissions respectively. The tower will be able to accommodate, 50 radio broadcasters, 20 telecommunication service providers and 50 television broadcasters. 

Multi- functionality

Transmission and communication are not the only purposes that served by the tower.This will house various shopping centers, food courts, a walk-through museum, banquet halls and an observation deck.  There will be two banquet halls which will accommodate 450 people each (at a height of 224.6 meters and 224.6 meters).  At 234.2 m there will be a restaurant with a revolving floor for fine dining. Suites for state guests will be on the seventh floor, at 244 m. Phase II will facilitate underground parking for 2,000 vehicles, a shopping arcade, gyms, swimming facilities, and theaters.


The observation deck, will be on the eighth floor of the Tower House at a height of 248.2 m. There are viewing telescopes. There are eight elevators in the Tower. Three elevators of them are high speed elevators, two will travel at a medium pace. The slowest three elevators are mostly for service usage. High speed elevators can reach the observation deck in less than one minute. 


The tower will have appropriate decorative displays during festivities. The TRC additionally has plans of developing an intuitive application to improve guest experience to the pinnacle. The application will keep the guest refreshed about occasions and attractions occurring at the pinnacle.
The grand opening which took place on 16th September 2019 was truly a magnificent event apart from all the political controversies. With all facilities and functions the tower is capable, this would be one of the major economical and tourism attraction of Sri Lanka in near future.

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