Type in Sinhala: Best & Easiest Way


Even though our mother tongue is Sinhala, it is still difficult for us to type in Sinhalese. The reason being that we are not used to type in Sinhalese very often and also the lack of proper software. It is better if we have the habit of typing in Sinhalese, same as we do in English.

This website is designed to type Sinhala using one of our habits. We all are really good at texting. This method is all about a way of typing Sinhala the same way we text/ SMS with each other. This is a web page where you can get everything done online and you do not need any software installed. This can be easily practiced by following the below steps.

Step 1

Visit the slunicodes.com website

Step 2

Type in the box at the top of the web page the same way you type an SMS. You can get help from the ‘Key Typing Hints’ on the right.

Step 3

You can get the Sinhala text from the following second and the third boxes on the web page. If you are using this text for something like a web page, then you need to get the text from the second box or from the Unicode section.

To use the text for a software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you need to get the text from the third box.

Three steps and it’s that easy!

Sinhala Realtime Unicode Converter

You can also use this web page as a Unicode Converter. If you already have the Unicode Text with you, you can copy and paste in the second box and get the Sinhala font easily.

What is so special?

  • This page can be used both as a Sinhala Typing Tool and as a Unicode Converter.
  •  Everything is Real-Time
  •  Supports both Unicode and Sinhala fonts
  • It is designed to be mobile responsive, so that it can be used on any device.
  • You can use the website without the internet once the page is loaded
  • You can get help from Key Word Hints

With this web page you do not have to visit two different pages to type Sinhala text and to convert the Unicode into Sinhala fonts. You can get both done from one place. Please visit SLunicodes Facebook Page and send them an SMS if you need help or more information. They are always happy to help you! 


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