Sri Lankan Black leopard reappears on extinction

Sri lankan Black leopard

The Wildlife Department of Sri Lanka has been able to confirm that the Sri Lankan Black leopard is still alive. This is the first time a Sri Lankan black leopard has been captured on camera

Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) in Sri Lanka is unique among the eight leopard in the world due to their very limited population.

The black leopard, believed to be extinct, is considered a color variant of the subspecies of leopard in Sri Lanka.The leopard, which is zoologically known as the Panthera pardus kotiya , is a black leopard born because of the lack of a naturally occurring body color.Last black leopard was previously reported to have been trapped in the Mawaldeniya area in Pitadeniya.

Accordingly, the replica of the creature’s skin, which was created at the Giritale Wildlife Museum, was considered the last witness to the black leopard in Sri Lanka.
But the Department of Wildlife’s exploration of the island’s leopard in Sri Lanka was able to change that history by providing a living proof. The Department of Wildlife Conservation installed remote motion sensors at several locations where black leopard have been reported.

The Department of Wildlife, which chased after it, confirmed that the black leopard in Sri Lanka is not limited to history.Accordingly, it has been revealed that there are two females and two males belonging to the leopard subspecies in Sri Lanka.

This is an expedition led by Dr. Malaka Abeywardena of the Department of Wildlife and Dr. Manoj Akalanka.Veterinary Surgeon Malaka Abeywardena said the discovery was made using the cameras and other equipment provided by the Triple Eco System Research Institute. It is reported that there are about six black leopard in Sri Lanka at present.

Accordingly, it is a good idea for the zoology field of the country that the tiger population of the black leopard will continue to be a live gene in the leopard population.


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